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There's a service I've always wanted to offer...
"Psst...don't forget"

Are you a lover of flowers? Does your special someone never remember to get you flowers? 

Are you someone with a busy schedule that needs a little reminder?
Well let me introduce you to Emerald Petals' reminder program--

Send us their/your email and the special day you'd like to be reminded of.

Whether it be a birthday, anniversary, valentines day, mothers day, fathers day, all of the above, or your special day.
We will send a reminder the week before with a special deal inside.
We will never send them an email for anything else any other time.
It's that easy. Now what they do with this information, well we can't control everything ;)
Or send us yours, treatyoself :)
here's the link to our contact page 
or email

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